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Free time activities & trips in and around Vesileppis

Regeneration phases besides the practice are very important for every athlete. In the sports areal Vesileppis, various sport facilities such as an underground cross-country hall, a swimming pool and new equipped fitness rooms can be used for an active recovery. But, of course, there is plenty to see in and around Vesileppis.

the ice rink is located above the lake
church in Leppävirta

Finland – the land of the 1000 lakes

Finland - the land of the 1000 lakes

Every year, on a Saturday between June 20th and 26th the most important day of the year will be celebrated in Scandinavia - midsummer! Where the nights are hardly become dark at this time of the year. The midsummer is often considered as the beginning of the warm summer weather which is most really short but therefore intensively.

The breathtaking natural beauty of Finland shines in the "white nights" in a special glow, which invite to long walks on the riverside or to small boat trips and excursions. If you want it a bit more extreme and want to feel adrenaline, you can speed up in close vicinity through the forests of Finland with the Quad.

Dream holiday for the whole family!

Whether hiking, paddling, fishing, shopping or sightseeing, here you will enjoy a wonderful holiday. Horse riding is possible in the riding school "Tmi Hevospalvelu Jonna Bordin" or at "Paanunpohjan Tila". Especially for children is the visit of the farmhouse "Pajaharjun muatila" with many animals an experience.  Calmness and peace you will find in the monastery Valamo in Heinävesi (45 km).

Orinoro invites!

The gorge Orinoro in Mustinmäki on the island of Soisalo is an ideal excursion destination for the whole family. Here you can walk along the marked nature trail along the gorge formed by the Ice Age and you will be able to grill sausages under the bottom of the lake. The length of the gorge is approx. 100 m and the depth up to 20 m. From the source at the gorge bottom, crystal-clear water flows. Snow and ice remain in the gorge until June.

Church of Leppävirta

The Graustein church, designed by C.L. Engel, was completed in 1846 and fascinates by its brightness and great acoustics.

Local museum Leppävirta

Approx. 3000 ethnological and cultural-historical valuables, from commodities and weapons to hunting and fishing supplies can be visited.

Vesileppis surroundings

Kuopio - a harbor town by the lake (55km)

Kuopio is located on the shores of Lake Kallavesi and is known for its annual big dance festival and the humid and cheerful wine festival.

From the Puijo viewing tower you have the most beautiful views of Finland's lake panorama. During the summer time, a number of restaurants have a panorama terrace at the harbor, from there you can watch the ships on the water. An evening trip on a steamboat from Kuopios port is a typical Finnish summer experience that you should not miss.