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Dance & Ballet

In our iceDOME camps we are honored to work with different dance and ballet professionals. Here you can find an overview about the program:

Dance Workout (Oberstdorf I)

It is a fusion of dance & cardio training and different music. At the beginning simple to complex dance modules. The emphasis here is on coordination, dynamics, rhythm and musicality. Subsequently, the focus is on technique and posture in bodywork from head to toe with isolation, strengthening and stretching of the muscles.


Classical Ballet (Oberstdorf I)

Classical ballet is the basis for all other dance styles. This is the motto and also the built up of the classical ballet training. The training consists of the basics of classical dance, exercises on the bar, techniques in the middle of the room as well as jumps.


Dance Class (Val Gardena)

This dance class contains different dance technics (Lyrical-Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Ballet) so we can train various dynamics in arms patterns, staccato movements, swings and isolations of body parts. Through the warm-up the skater's body and mind get prepared for the choreography. Here we focus on musicality, the quality of movement and the joy to dance the feeling.


Classical Ballet (Vesileppis)

Besides the conventional barre exercises we will also work on floor barre. The exercises use the support of the ground and gravity to a good attitude to promote. We will focus on body balance and natural lining of the body. In addition the skaters will do choreography practices for example: adagio, grand waltz, jump combinations.

warming up
dancing with Carlos Demitre (BRA)