• Technique
  • Technique


The technical training in small groups on the ice includes skating and step technique, jumping technique and spins technique.

skate- and step technique

  • optimize gliding on ice
  • use and displacement of the main body points to support skating speed and edge cleanliness
  • put the extremities in line with the skating rhythm
  • expansion of the step repertoire as well as its skill and versatility

methodical training on the ice

  • correct use of the extremities to support energy flow
  • orientation in space
  • optimal timing during investment of power for jumps and landings
  • training of closing movements for rotations
  • dynamization of motion sequences

spin training

  • training of the basic positions and their variations taking into account the rules
  • work on rotational speed and accuracy
  • positive dynamics in position transitions
  • versatile entrances and exits
  • creativity in the positions

jump technique

  • optimization of the preparation
  • improvement of the use of arms and legs
  • flight position optimization
  • conversion of translational energy into rotational energy
  • increase in angular velocities
  • preparation of landing and finding optimal positions for check-out
  • improvement of bounce directions and positions



subtleties are discussed
special training with support
methodical training
coordination on ice